The City of Kisumu Urban Areas Association (CKUAA) is founded pursuant to section 13(2)(e) of the Urban Areas and Cities Act 13/2011 laws of the Republic of Kenya and is dully registered under the Societies Act Cap 108 Laws of Kenya as a Non-Religious, Non-Political and Not-For-Profit making welfare organization.

CKUAA anchors its operational legitimacy from the Urban Areas and Cities Act no. 13 of 2011 and it is also guided by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and The Public-Private Partnership Act no. 15 of 2013.

Our main objective is to Promote, Uphold and Protect the highest standards of Urban Areas Governance, Service Delivery, Business Leadership and Ethics in the City of Kisumu for the benefit of our members.

To transform the City of Kisumu, through collaborative partnership, into a better place to live, work and visit

To be the leader in Urban Areas & Cities regeneration through inclusive proactive approach in sustainable urban growth and development.

Given the overall objectives of the Association, the specific objectives shall include but not limited to
a) Empower and capacity build its members and other stakeholders of City of Kisumu to have input in matters happening in the City of Kisumu
b) Provide its members and other stakeholders of City of Kisumu with a common voice and an effective means of communicating with government officials and other instrumental groups
c) Organize and implement, singularly or jointly, Conservation, Preservation and Improvements projects in neighborhoods and workplaces of the City of Kisumu
d) Plan and hold Social, Economic and Cultural activities for the City of Kisumu
e) Participate in, Monitor and Evaluate the management of the City of Kisumu and lobby for better governance, leadership and business environment.



The Board of CKUAA:
The Board consists of all the office bearers and the Chief Executive Officer as ex-officio member. Any other person may be co-opted into the Board meetings to provide relevant technical advice and/or enhance transparency in the conduct of businesses at CKUAA.
Mr. Samba Nixon Otieno : Board Chairman & Ag. Chief Executive Officer   

Mr. Samba is a founding member of CKUAA and currently serves as the Board Chairman & The Acting CEO. He is a career Systems & Organizational Development Consultant and has, singularly and severally, undertaken various multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary assignments in the fields of Sustainable Urban Development & Planning, Organizational Assessment, Systems Development & Improvement; Strategic Planning & Management; Project Planning &Evaluation; HR Development & SME development.           


There is an advisory body whose role is to offer advice to CKUAA and assist in the development of a united approach and synergy on the issues across the various sectors of the economy of the City of Kisumu. It consists of representation fron Non-State Actors and Government Agencies as follows:

Non-State Representation in the CKUAA Advisory Council

Shall consist of:

a) Representative of the formal business sector in the City of Kisumu;
b) Representative of informal business sector in the City of Kisumu;
c) Representative of the Public Benefit Organization (PBOs) in the City of Kisumu
d) Representative of registered neighborhood the associations in the City of Kisumu; and
e) Representative of the Faith Based organizations in the City of Kisumu
f) Representative of the Public Transport Sector in the City of Kisumu
g) Professionals especially in Public Health, Law, Environment, Engineering, Urban Development, Disaster Management among others
h) Representative of the private sector in the City of Kisumu
i) Community Leaders in Kisumu City

The Government representation in the CKUAA Advisory Council

Shall consist of the

a) The City Manager or Chairperson of the City Management Board of the City of Kisumu
b) The Kisumu County Policing Oversight Authority representative
c) The Kenya National Police
d) The Governor or his representative
e) Members of County Assembly(MCAs) within the boundaries of the City of Kisumu
f) The Members of Parliament for Constituencies within the boundaries of the City of Kisumu

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