1. Project Name: Building the Capacity of Key Populations against election violence in the City of Kisumu

Project Location: City of Kisumu    Duration: April 2017 – March 2018 (12 months)

Main Partner: International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Project Rationale:  The City of Kisumu has been faced with many incidences of election violence such as the 2007/2008 & 2013 Post Election Violence(PEV) and 2016 Anti-IEBC demos. Violence associated with elections and political processes are unpredictable but instantaneous, can be massive and wide spread; and often results to partial failure or total system collapse leading to mass deaths from targeted brutal attacks, starvation, malnutrition, inaccessibility to timely treatment/medication; Massive abuse and violations of human rights from forced displacement, rape, beatings, theft, vandalism  etc. The fear of violence causes socio-economic and psychological stress to actual and potential victims. The City of Kisumu remains a hotbed of political and election violence and poses a huge threat to human life and the Universal Access to Human Rights and property before, during and after general elections.

Overall Objective: To build the capacity of key populations and that of the society in responding to, adapting to and mitigating the risks associated with election violence to reduce vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and/or widening of HIV/AIDS burden in the City of Kisumu.

2. Project Name: Old is Gold (Empowering the aged and Elderly in the City of Kisumu

Project Location: City of Kisumu    Duration: Jan 2017 – Dec 2022 (60 months)

Main Partner: CKUAA

Project Rationale: 1.5 million Kenyan population are persons aged 60 years and above. Kisumu County has about 41,658  persons aged above 65years (KNBS, 2016). The City of Kisumu is home to over 20,000 elderly persons but only just about  8,000 are receiving Regular Cash under the OPCT. The deteriorating socio-cultural safety-net and economic conditions and impacts of HIV&AIDS pandemic has left many elderly, and orphans they care for, without traditional family support and financial resources.

Overall Objective: To bring dignity and respect to the aged and elderly people in the City of Kisumu through empowering the elderly to adapt to changes arising from old age by focusing on interventions targeting elderly persons, their families and the Community at large.

3. Project Name: We The People of Kisumu (#WeThePeopleOfKisumu #KisumuMustNotBurnAgain)

Project Location: City of Kisumu    Duration: Jun 2016 – May 2026 (120 months)

Main Partner: CKUAA

Project Rationale: #WeThePeopleOfKisumu #KisumuMustNotBurnAgain is a campaign that begun in June 2016 immediately after the deadly Anti-IEBC demonstrations and is to be implemented through multi-sectoral collaborations and partnerships from private, public, regional and international bodies and individuals for the next 10years. The campaign focuses on addressing the underlying causes of violence rather than treating the symptoms. It is a proactive home-grown initiative that uses a Comprehensive Violence Reduction Strategy (CVRS) that discourages SUPPRESSIVE STRATEGIES in responding to violence in the City of Kisumu.

Overall Objective: To achieve sustainable peace in the City of Kisumu by transforming the culture and conditions that often lead to urban violence through Socio-Economic and Behavioral change strategic interventions

4. Project Name: Fresh City Foods, For City People (Eat Healthy, Grow Own Foods)

Project Location: City of Kisumu    Duration: Jan 2017 – Dec 2022 (60 months)

Main Partner: CKUAA

Project Rationale: With so many concerns about chemicals in food products, food accessibility and affordability, many people are now adopting the idea of growing their own foods. Today 50% of global population live in cities and urban centers, this is expected to increase to 70% by 2050 thus posing a huge challenge to access to food and security of persons in Cities & Urban Areas. Urban farming is becoming more popular among homeowners, apartment dwellers and health-conscious individuals who want to take full charge of their nutrition by growing food for self-consumption and/or as income generation. Is it fun producing your own food? Then take this survey..

Overall Objective: To Improve food security and reduce poverty among urban Communities in the City of Kisumu by through Urban Farming


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